The VBE Index

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Eagle Lighting make it clear here - Lighting a modern office takes more than a few strategically positioned LEDs

True lighting specialists consider a host of factors – from efficiency to ambience, and from colour rendering to lighting’s influence on circadian rhythms. They understand that good lighting influences occupants visually, biologically and emotionally.

The VBE Index quantifies the beneficial outcomes of lighting systems. VBE is an acronym for visual, biological and emotional – the three ways in which light affects human beings. In the past, the quality of lighting only considered the illuminance (lux) within a working area and its immediate surroundings. However, a raft of research confirms that ambient lighting – the lighting of walls and the ceiling – influences us both biologically and emotionally.

The level of ambient light is important for our alertness and therefore our ability to perform tasks efficiently over time. The VBE Index is the foundation of our approach to lighting design, as it assesses the subjective lighting experience. Each element – from how the lighting enhances vision to how it affects biology and emotional awareness – is weighted differently depending on the type of room and the activity. The higher the VBE score, the better the lighting.