Updated: Jan 30, 2019

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We demand more from our workplaces than ever before. Advancing technology, innovative designs and an endless array of choices are reshaping the world of work. We want the choice to stand or sit, work quietly or next to colleagues, sit in the sunlight or work aided by high-performance task lighting. And we want to spend time in spaces that enhance our productivity and workplace culture, as well as our personal health and wellbeing. Designers and employers now recognise that better quality lighting, delivered in the right way, influences occupants – visually, biologically and emotionally. Human-centered lighting brings together a deep understanding of user needs, applications and scientific insights. The benefits are clear:

For building occupants Well-lit spaces can enhance employee health, mood and performance, reduce absenteeism and help companies to retain staff, all of which contribute to a positive company culture.

For building owners Carefully designed and selected lighting can give landlords a competitive edge by offering better customer experiences in energy-efficient spaces that require less maintenance and are ready for the next IoT leap forward.