Lighting the Way in Sports

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

When it comes to sports lighting, Philips are our go to partner - We provide the service, they provide the products and the results... speak for them selves

Choosing the Perfect Play

Lighting plays a major role in the function of sports arena's and ovals, having the proper illumination is crucial for players and spectators. This is why H.I. Lighting choose to partner with Philips to provide the best quality products, that match our standard of service and can provide customizable results.

The Philips Perfect Play System is a simple but effective interface system for lighting control, it allows users to illuminate their sports field through a variety of pre-programmed light settings, without the costly installation or energy usage. Whether the team requires half a field of light, like when practicing drills, or needs surround match style light, the perfect play has the pre- programmed ability to do so.

How is it all done?

Once the products are selected (our favorite projects have used Clearflood and Optivision range) H.I. Lighting are able to provide:

  • Sports Lighting Advise and Lighting Design Calculations

  • Audit Reports

  • Aiming Assistance

This makes for a no - fuss, fully customizable, quick installation and can get the team on the field before big match!