We have been at the forefront of Perth's commercial lighting for over 45 years. We facilitate a community of relationships between suppliers, technicians and designers. Our purpose is simple; to encourage good lighting practice – Which is illustrated by our four core values.


Innovation is crucial to the growth and development of our industry. We see innovation as sharing the latest lighting developments to help bridge the gap between supplier and specifier, to innovate the way we connect, learn and educate our community on the evolving world of lighting & technologies.


We have experience in every project sector. Our expertise in product selection, industry standards & design support enables us to work seamlessly with specifiers & contractors to deliver premium quality lighting application and supply for a wide range of projects, translating diversity, functionality and aesthetics.




Our long-term brand portfolio is well known for its quality, sustainability, cutting edge technology & designs. We’ve carefully selected a range that supports functionality and contemporary premium lighting products sourced locally & internationally.  The reputability of our brands offers assurance and integrity proven by extensive testing, certifications of compliance and warranties.



Nothing is more important to us than the quality of service we provide at every stage of a project. Our well-known & experienced team are devoted to tailoring the best service to our clients from complex design and specification through to project management & installation support. Our service is backed with over 45 years of experience, equipping us to assist any scale of project with integrity and efficiency.